Nilfisk Ride On Sweeper

SR1601 Ride On Sweeper is claimed to be the most technically advanced sweeper in its category, with innovations that increase cleaning productivity whilst simplifying operating and servicing requirements. Designed for industrial applications such as heavily soiled factories, construction sites, parking etc

Nilfisk Ride-On Sweepers SR 1601

SR1601 is claimed to be the most technically advanced sweeper in its category, with innovations that increase cleaning productivity whilst simplifying operating and servicing requirements. Designed for industrial applications such as heavily soiled factories, construction sites, parking etc.

Nilfisk Ride-On Sweepers SW 4000

SW4000 is a ride-on sweeper with high dump designed for maximum performance, reliability, minimizing downtime and your operational costs. It is the obvious choice for industry and manufacturing, warehouses, distribution centers, school yards, shopping malls, parking lots, sport centers, recycling facilities, multi-storey car parks and more. It is equally suitable for outdoors as indoors cleaning depending on selected power source, battery or petrol (only outdoors).

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Eco-Oil 22

Regular use of the Oil industrial vacuums not only performs maintenance of the machine tools but also means great economic savings. Faster cleaning of the CNC machines, reuse of the emulsions or coolants avoiding any waste. The functioning is easy: the solid chips are collected into a basket while liquids are collected into the main container and then re-introduced into the machine tool thanks to the dedicated gun.

Viper Carpet Extractor Wolf 130

Built to deliver cleaner carpets with minimal effort, the VIPER WOLF130 is a portable carpet spotter that provides impressive performance in environments requiring daily cleaning. Its simple controls, convenient features, and durable design make it ideal for quick, easy indoor operation ¨C without compromising on cleaning capability or results. Whether you¡¯re cleaning within educational institutions, office spaces, medical facilities, or other commercial applications, the WOLF130 offers market-leading value.

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Model T40 is a powerful threephase industrial vacuum. It offers great vacuum and is ideal to collect wet or dry heavy material. The version with liquid cut-off system is perfect for companies that have to collect chips mixed with oil and emulsions. The accessories box, the cable holder and the supports for the hoses make model T40 really ergonomic, making easier the daily work of the operator. Versions with cyclon plate or grid and valve available.

Viper CEX410

The viper CEX410 is a professional self-contained and silent carpet extractor. With its excellent cleaning performance, you can maintain textiles like carpets and upholstery furniture in an efficient and easy way, and the powerful vacuum motor to ensures a fast dry-time. The machine is equipped with large capacity tanks; 35L recovery and 23L solution tank made of a ridged, chemical resisitant and environmental friendly polyethylene.

Nilfisk Commercial Dry Vacuum VP600

Nilfisk SW8000 Sales and Demo

Nilfisk BR655/755/855¨C Eco-Friendly Ride-On Floor Scrubber Drier

A clean warehouse promotes higher productivity and operational efficiency, while a dirty one can create slowdowns and delays. These daily, weekly and annual maintenance and service practices will allow you to extend your industrial equipment¡¯s life for you to get the most out of your investment. Main benefits of a clean warehouse: - Keeping workers safe and healthy - Making a good impression on visitors and employees - Ensuring product quality

JM7.150v-i Demo Video

Nilfisk SR1101

Jetmaster TRENDY 610 High Pressure Cleaner

ES300 ES400

Nilfisk SC100

Nilfisk ALTO - Vacuum Wet & Dry ATTIX 961-01 PC

Jetmaster Floor Blower JMB106-90

Designed to be compact yet portable, it operates with adjustable 3-speed airflow that offers efficient drying. Ideal for drying carpets, rugs, tile, concrete and other applications.


We offer a wide range of products and provide efficient and cost effective cleaning solutions to different industries.

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum for Food Industry

DEN-SIN Mermaid Range

Application: - Removing heavy rust & paint from steel surfaces - Removal of lime scale deposits & Marine growth - Deck cleaning, & cargo hold cleaning - Dust free wet sand blasting with optional accessories

Jetmaster JM7.170V-i High Pressure Cleaner

Application: . Garden furniture . Normal Car wash . Car porches . Gutter Drains and pipes

Giant Ventilating Fan

- A high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fan is a type of mechanical fan used in commercial and industrial settings. They have diameters between 10 to 24 ft (3 to 7.3m). HVLS fans move very slowly and can move large amounts of air at low rotational speed - hence the name 'high volume, low speed. - HVLS fans are considered the most effective of these types of fans, since they effectively circulate the air in a room to create a draft throughout the room. - They are often used to supplement HVAC systems, as they provide a stronger cooling effect while helping to maintain a constant temperature and humidity. - When used with air conditioning, they allow the raising of the thermostat setting about 4¡ãF (2.2¡ãC) with no reduction in comfort.

Jetmaster JM11-110P + Accessories, 7 Nozzle Water Broom

Output Flow Rate: 11 L/min Max Output Pressure: 110 bar Output Power: 2.2 /3 Approx. Weight: 61 kg

Nilfisk Sweeper SR1101P

SR1101 is easy to operate and self-explanatory operating panel means less operator training time needed. The SR1101 is available in both battery and petrol versions for indoor or outdoor operation with a large range of optional accessories which provides the right tools for specific jobs. Accessory flexibility permits better and faster cleaning. The 70 litre hopper offers greater debris storage and less emptying time. SR1101 makes cleaning both economical and productive.

Water Blaster System

Model: Densin Mermaid E-1100/16 The Mermaid Heavy Duty High-Pressure Water Blasters offer powerful and cost efficient cleaning for professional users. Industries/Segments - Cleaning contractors - Building & Construction - Marine - Offshore - Manufacturing Applications - Removing paint, rust markings and graffiti on steel and concrete surfaces. - Removing lime scale deposits and marine growth. - Roughening of concrete surfaces. - Deck cleaning and cleaning of cargo hold. - Dust free sand blasting.

Scrubber Dryers

Model: AS430B - Easy to use: Both the built in charger, reduced pushing force and ergonomic start/stop switch gives the user a better handling of the product - Simple and user-friendly: The solution and recovery tank is integrated into one mold to create higher tank capacity - Great value for money: Available in both cable and battery version to give the customer the flexibility to choose the best way to cover their cleaning needs

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